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Ship Art by John R. Barrett

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Cutaway 1

Cutaway 2

Cutaway as outfitted between 1944 and mid-1946. Please specify Gearing Cutaway 1 or Gearing Cutaway 2, if you do not Gearing Cutaway 1 will be sent.

The Following Ships are available in this configuration

USS Gearing (DD-710)
USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711)
USS Gyatt (DD-712)
USS Kenneth D. Bailey (DD-713)
USS William R. Rush (DD-714)
USS William M. Wood (DD-715)
USS Wiltsie (DD-716)
USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD-717)
USS Corry (DD-817)
USS New (DD-818)
USS Holder (DD-819)
USS Rich (DD-820)
USS Agerholm (DD-826)
USS Sarsfield (DD-837)
USS Ernest G. Small (DD-838)
USS Power (DD-839)
USS Glennon (DD-840)
USS Noa (DD-841)
USS Fiske (DD-842)
USS Warrington (DD-843)
USS Perry (DD-844)
USS Robert L. Wilson (DD-847)
USS Witek (DD-848)
USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (DD-850)
USS Vogelgesang (DD-862)
USS Steinaker (DD-863)
USS Harold J. Ellison (DD-864)
USS Charles R. Ware (DD-865)
USS Fechteler (DD-870)
USS Damato (DD-871)
USS Brinkley Bass (DD-887)
USS Stickell (DD-888)
USS O’Hare (DD-889)
USS Meredith (DD-890)

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